BRANKO MIJATOVIC<br><span>President & Founder</span>

President & Founder

Alpha Comfort Control Ltd is a licensed and registered heating and air conditioning company that’s been professionally serving Toronto and the GTA area for over two decades. We are committed to the highest standard in maintenance, repairs and installations for residential homes, condominiums and commercial spaces. Our certified team of HVAC technicians are highly qualified and can service, install and repair all makes and models of heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems. We pride ourselves on being reliable, convenient, capable and affordable.

We make sure that we take care of all your comforts that is why we offer residential HVAC and plumbing design for city permit. We have a team of in-house designers and design programs cultivated by our company to give you the most accurate design in the city! The synergy between our designers and installation team gives us the tools and knowledge we need to complete the installation in your home seamlessly.

For our large base of condominium and rental building clients, we are focused on providing you with a one-stop shop for all of your mechanical needs. For this reason we offer 24 hour emergency service for both plumbing, heating and HVAC. Our entire focus is on creating an exceptional customer service experience for you, the homeowners and tenants.

Our design services do not stop at residential, we also offer mechanical design and installation services for commercial buildings. Our portfolio includes many churches, offices, pharmacies, surgery rooms, studios and retail stores!

Our partners

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HVAC Design

The design phase is where the heating, cooling and air quality in your home begins. Our company has developed our own new-age program to give us the most accurate design calculations. We provide complete mechanical documents ready for permit submission to the city. Our extensive experience with installation allows our designs to be more applicable putting us ahead of the competition. Our knowledgeable designers are able to work closely with architects, structural engineers, interior designers or homeowners to create a system that works for you.


Variable Speed Furnace

Variable speed furnaces are worth the extra money, particularly for a multiple story home! It’s not a complex notion that the heating and cooling needs in your basement, main floor and second floor are quite different. Variable speed furnaces have a smart fan that measures how much airflow is distributed into your home. If the fan realizes that the outputted airflow does not match the desired setting, it will begin to spin faster to push more air through. The fan will always adjust its speed to provide the desired airflow.


Benefit From Our Free Consultation

In order to make a proper decision, you must be informed! If you would like to learn more about what options are the best for your home or your next project – give us a call. We invite you to have a FREE consultation with one of our experts. They can answer any questions you may have, make recommendations and explain what the benefits and drawbacks of each system are. We pride ourselves in our knowledge and experience in this industry and we believe that this knowledge should be shared!

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